Kupukupu App: Strengthening Youth Wellbeing and Executive Functioning Skills

To engage youth, Liliʻuokalani Trust created an innovation called the Kupukupu App. Primary focused on enhancing important life skills such as planning, time management, and emotional regulation, the App is a fun way to set goals and practice building habits. The App also emphasizes wellbeing and healing. Youth can assess their overall wellbeing in the dimensions of Naʻau (culture and spiritual), ʻOhana (family and community), Olakino (physical and emotional health), ʻImi ʻIke (learning), and Kumu Waiwai (resources). The App has a page for reflective journaling and another page for Pono Activities like Hanu Hā or breathing exercises and Ola Kino Stretching videos, both to strengthen coping skills and mindfulness. Please join us as we talk-story about how the App can be used within your context to support the development of youth skills and habits.

Please register for this online workshop & download the Kupukupu-Kamaliʻi App from the Google Play or Apple app stores on your cell phone and let us know your thoughts and questions via this Google form by Tuesday, January 23, 2024.

1. What resonates with you in regards to Social Emotional Learning goals for your students?

2.  What doesnʻ t make sense in the App?

3. What is missing in the app that you would have liked to see?

Our special guests from Liliʻuokalani Trust:

Trenton Manson grew up in Kailua and graduated from ‘Iolani School. He studied Economics at UH Mānoa, where he met his wife Nicole, a Kauaʻi native and mathematician. Trenton graduated in the first cohort of Southern Methodist University’s Masters of Science in Data Science program. He worked as a cadet, construction worker, landscaper, administrative assistant, car salesman, and surf instructor before he found his true calling as a data and analytics professional. He has worked as an analyst and data scientist on problems in domains such as marketing, logistics, manufacturing, customer behavior, and pricing. Trenton and Nicole drive their three keiki, two cats, and two dogs crazy. He enjoys surfing, jiujitsu, programming, and cooking.

Pālama Lee, by day an average researcher and evaluator and by night a Netflix watching, game playing, semi-nerd superhero. A staunch defender of the conjunction “and”, he tears up on-demand witnessing random acts of kindness. He digs divergent thinkers, abstract art, and his guilty pleasure is Italian dry salami. Pālama joined LT in 2011 and has a MSW and a PhD in Social Welfare. He serves on several initiatives to protect and promote Native Hawaiian community health for kāne (Kū Ola), the elderly (Hā Kūpuna), individuals experiencing behavioral health recovery (Culture and Addictions Advisory

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