‘A‘ali‘i Kū Makani: Healing and Resilience for Ourselves and Our Children From a Hawaiian Perspective

 ‘A‘ali‘i Kū Makani:  Healing and Resilience for Ourselves and Our Children From a Hawaiian Perspective with Aukahi Austin Seabury, Ph.D.

Education is a vital pathway to health and wellbeing. Our schools can be a place of healing and strengthening for our children. In this presentation, we will look at various forms of trauma (personal, cultural, historical, and systemic) and how they appear in our schools and communities. We will use case examples to understand approaches from Hawaiian culture and worldview that promote healing, growth, and resilience. Join us to learn practical strategies that can be applied today with our students and ourselves to promote wellbeing.


Dr. Aukahi Austin Seabury is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the Executive Director and co-founder of I Ola Lāhui, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide culturally-minded, evidence-based behavioral health services that are responsive to the needs of medically underserved, Native Hawaiian, and rural communities.

Dr. Austin Seabury is a member of Nā Limahana o Lonopūhā Native Hawaiian Health Consortium. She works as a consultant, providing facilitation, strategic planning, team building, and evaluation services to Native Hawaiian health and education organizations. She is an ‘olapa of Hālau o Ke ‘A‘ali‘i Kū Makani under Kumu Hula Manu Boyd.

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May 16 2023


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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